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Miriam Chandy Menacherry

With a background in filmmaking and journalism, Miriam has always made films that celebrate everyday heroes whether it was a rat killer in Mumbai (The Rat Race), children choosing music over violence in an area known for gang warfare (Lyari Notes) or the unsung heroes of Indian cinema (Stuntmen of Bollywood). Now, she turns the spotlight on the valiant survivors of child sexual violence as they emerge `From the shadows’. Miriam’s films have premiered at IDFA Amsterdam, where they were nominated for awards, won the Mipdoc Coproduction challenge at Cannes, and was nominated for the youth jury award at Sheffield. They have been broadcast on channels like Arte, National Geographic Channel, and Netflix. She is one of 18 filmmakers selected for Global Media Makers Fellowship 2019-2020 by Film Independent and US State Department. The rest of the team is helmed by passionate and accomplished women from India and the USA.


Ranu Ghosh
DOP, Cinematographer

Ranu Ghosh is an independent film Director-Producer-Cinematographer, who has experienced working on both celluloid and video medium. Her recent film ‘Quarter Number 4/11’, has seen much acclaim in many countries. She is presently working as the Director - Producer & Cinematographer of ‘Dare to Dream.’ The research is being supported by Filmförderung Hamburg and AJWS,USA She is also Joint Director/Camera Person & Location Sound of ‘Indian Democracy’, a film funded by MIT and Harvard University and the Associate Producer, Co-Director, and Co-Cinematographer of ‘Like Whirlwinds’, a film supported by TED and Sundance. Her other important recent works as Cinematographer are ‘Revolutionary Optimist, Wagah, If it rains, Who Wants to be Gurkha, Better Seeds.’


Aliya Furniturewala

Aliya Furniturewala has worked as a producer/director in non-fiction and factual programming for more than a decade. She currently has the challenging jobs of keeping the production and timeline on track, given the COVID 19 crisis. The previous documentaries she has worked on are - Last King of Burma, Robot Jockey and Stuntmen of Bollywood, which are all issue, based films. In her wide spectrum of work experience with a reputed production house - UTV, she has produced content for channels like National Geographic and BBC


Sharon D’Mello
Finance Head

Sharon has been with Filament Pictures since 2016. With over a deacde of experience in accounting and finance, she grounds us to our reality! Her experience also includes Office Administration, Sales and Marketing. She is a Commerce Graduate with Diploma in Airlines Travel and Tourism Management.