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The Rat Race

A legion of hired killers stalks the streets of Mumbai. The victim senses danger and dives into a gutter. The glare of a searchlight strikes him. He freezes. THWACK!! Ganesh picks up his victim and throws him amongst a heap of dead bodies. He has killed twenty this night, another ten to go before sunrise. Ganesh is one of 50 men hired by Mumbai’s Municipal Corporation to kill rats. They take to the streets armed with their weapons of mouse destruction – a torch and stick. They are led by Behram Harda the legendary Pied Piper of Mumbai who has killed 2.8 million rats in 37 years. He motivates his team to wage a relentless battle every night against an army of rodents that threaten to overrun India’s commercial capital.

Lyari Notes

In Pakistan a rock star teaches a group of girls to express themselves through music in Karachi’s most volatile district. Hamza Jafri travels in an armed vehicle. He is a musician famous for his hard hitting political lyrics since the 1990s. Since then religious fundamentalism has been on the rise with shops selling music torched, concerts bombed and musicians threatened with death. Seeing the shrinking space for music and artists Hamza opens a music school.

Captured over 3 years Lyari Notes is the narrative of four young girls who attend Hamza’s music school and learn what it takes to express oneself despite the cycles of violence.

Robot Jockey

Witness the thousand year old tradition of camel racing entering the realm of science fiction... when Qatar decides to silence international criticism by banning the use of child jockeys and introducing robots instead. A film about the race to create a robot to take over the camel races…a challenge that begins with coaxing cantankerous camels to accept a metallic rider and culminating with camel owners struggling to embrace the new technology. Can robots win the hearts and imagination of the camel crazy public? Will the wealthy sheikhs be tempted to look beyond tradition and spearhead cutting edge robotic science? Follow the gripping account of the races that will determine whether technology can truly break into the traditional bastion of Bedouin camel racing. A film that combines adrenaline and science to bring alive a spectacular sport pushing the realms of popular science.